Love Letter for Women

So excited to have picked these up from the printer! I’m doing the handstitched binding myself and adding details to every book like antique letters and postcards. I wanted these books to feel like objects of art. Every copy will be unique and contain personal touches, as well as a handwritten love letter for the reader.

This collection of poetry (my second) celebrates the way that women love, protect, and champion one another. There are poems that function on levels above and beyond gender but I wanted to put this together as a way of thanking the amazing women in my life. The goddesses.IMG_3065 (3)

4 thoughts on “Love Letter for Women

  1. I saw this yesterday while shopping small in Norman. I glanced only briefly through the pages and immediately decided to purchase 2 copies. One for me and one to share with one of the inspiring and beautiful women in my circle. I just finished my first read through with a cup of coffee. Oh, what an experience. I will let the words marinate and then revisit…again and again. Looking forward to discovering more of your work.


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