About Us

IMG_8139 (1)The Leaves Poetry Press, established in 2018, is an independent, non-profit publisher of poetry that champions empathy, personal growth, healing, and self-awareness.

We believe that art is for everyone. We believe that creating art is a common act of humanity. We believe that writing is therapeutic. We believe that great artists come from all walks of life and so can be found on the margins of society- in under-served neighborhoods and schools, in rehabs, shelters, prisons, and in our homeless populations. We are committed to bringing resources and mentoring to these areas in our community as we grow.

Our goal is to publish three to four high-quality volumes of poetry a year along with an anthology filled with the stories and poetry of those we meet during the year. Through grants and donations, we will provide community-appropriate resources, teachers, books, and supplies to those least likely to receive instruction and resources.